Carpinteria Julian Mikulasch

Planning and execution of various construction projects for 15 years

Julian Mikulasch

Carpinteria Julian Mikulasch has been offering high quality carpentry, interior design, individual furniture, windows, doors, persianas, joinery and carpentry in Mallorca for over fifteen years.

The combination of classic solid wood construction with modern interior fittings opens up many design possibilities for your living space, both inside and outside.

Schreinerei Julian Mikiulasch in Manacor (Manacor)
Werkstattimpressionen der Schreinerei Mallorca - Julian Mikulasch

The workshop

Over the last 15 years, the company has developed from a small assembly operation to a local company in Manacor with its own workshop.

The team consists of myself, a German carpenter and a Colombian joiner.


Our philosophy.

Our projects are primarily based on the ideas of the customer. Through competent advice and a wealth of experience from past projects, we develop coherent concepts together with our customers.

Our competence lies in the creation of individual furnishing concepts with a wide range of materials, such as
wood, panel building materials, natural stone, artificial stone, concrete, glass, composite materials, stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminium…

We always try to reduce the use of chipboard and other fibreboards to a minimum, for a healthy living climate with natural materials.
Our core competence is the classic carpentry, working with solid wood.

This field is extended by the cooperation with local producers in the timber trade, for example window manufacturers, producers of wooden shutters (Persianas) and metalworkers.
We are also experienced in “difficult” jobs such as the combination of old + new, renovation of old buildings, production of new components from old materials and technically demanding work.

Interior fittings, shop building, gastronomy

For projects in the field of interior design, shop fitting, gastronomy we work together with one of the most modern suppliers in Germany.

This enables us to implement even extensive projects with high demands on modern technology and production methods.

Aluminiumesstisch und Holz Küchenbau
Weiße Sitzgruppe aus Fichtenholz

Starke Partner

Für die Umsetzung Ihres Bauvorhabens auf Mallorca arbeiten wir mit lokalen Bauunternehmen zusammen und übernehmen auch die Baubetreuung für den Bereich Innenausbau sowie die Koordination und Kommunikation mit den ansässigen Handwerksbetrieben.

You have a project?

Give me a call or send me an email, let's talk about it and I will make you an offer without obligation.

Impressions from our workshop